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Welcome fall! It is so hard to believe that we are quickly approaching November and the end of the year. We hope that your family is settling into new routines, finding time to enjoy the things most precious to you and looking forward to focusing on all the things for which you are grateful. On our end, we are tremendously grateful for all your support over the past year and the continued opportunity to serve your family and the community. And for those of you who are celebrating Halloween with some fun, socially distanced trick or treating, here are some tips for you to consider.

Early Intervention (EI)

As we focus on ensuring our participant families’ health and safety, we will continue to follow guidance from EIS and the state of Hawaii for all in-home visits. Below is an excerpt from the latest guidance from EIS. For those of you impacted by these guidelines, we will be in touch to coordinate as necessary. EIS would also like to get some feedback from you on how they are doing. Click here to learn more.

Highlights of recent changes:

  • The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for Early Intervention (EI) services that align with the State and Local Counties, as well as the Department of Health (DOH), Disease Outbreak Control Division (DOCD) school guidance.
  • EI services may be provided in-person, telepractice or a combination of both. The service delivery method is based on a discussion with the family on how services will be provided to support the family with meeting the needs of their child, as well as both the family’s and providers following safe practices (i.e., mitigation strategies identified by the DOH, DOCD).
  • Vaccinations are important for the health and well-being of everyone. DOH, DOCD states that “the COVID-19 vaccine will help protect you from getting sick with COVID-19 and may also keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.”

Thank you for your ongoing support and please reach out to your Care Coordinator with any questions.

Home and Community-Based Services

As a reminder, going out into the community is a large part of our program. To make sure the time we spend in the community can be as interesting and useful as possible, participants on Maui and Oahu need to present their vaccine cards to access establishments in the community. To help with this, please provide us a photocopy of your participant’s vaccine card. Reminder to not share original documents—keep them at home in a safe spot.

Also, a heads up that November 25th and 26th are holidays. ADH is closed on both days. If you currently receive individual services and would like to receive them on the 25th or 26th, please let your Care Coordinator know. Finally, a big "thank you" to our families and caregivers for your patience and continued support of these critical services as we navigated through the pandemic.

Autism Services

While you are waiting for a developmental evaluation for your child, here are steps you can take to help you prepare for receiving services:

  • Learn more about autism
  • Educate yourself on the evaluation process itself
  • Pull together your child's information
  • Gather support from family and friends
  • Look into possible services

We are also delighted to share that Sesame Street has kindly donated free copies of their storybooks featuring Julia, their Muppet character with autism. We are in the process of distributing them out to families now and have also stocked them in our service centers. Thank you Sesame Street!

For general questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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