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This March, we’re celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, recognizing all those within our community who have a developmental disability and their many accomplishments. Over the years, we’ve seen such positive growth in neurodiversity in the workplace, in schools and in the media, and we remain dedicated to supporting progress in this area! We’re also celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring the numerous achievements of women throughout history, and recognizing the important mark that women leave on our society. You can learn more about this year’s theme here! Take a look at what's new at Easterseals Hawaii this month...

Please reach out to us at [email protected] with questions.

Early Intervention (EI)

Early Intervention services continue to be provided both in person and via telehealth, based on family’s preferences. Many families are opting for a blend of in-person visits and telehealth support, and are sharing that coaching provided over Zoom during telehealth sessions is safe and effective.

Image of quote from Kristy, an EI parent on Oahu. We're so thankful for Easterseals Hawaii's Early Intervention support with our son, Avery. Our therapists were genuinely encouraging and really made things comfortable for us. I look forward to Zoom calls, and having support with Avery's communication and our family routines has been the biggest blessing. Telehealth really worked for us and I'm going to miss this support when our son ages out of Early Intervention later this month.
Image of quote from the Chun Family, who receive EI support on Oahu. We are incredibly happy with the Speech Therapy sessions that we've had with Easterseals Hawaii. Our son is saying more words and communicating with greater frequency and complexity than before. His speech and language pathologist has provided us with a variety of strategies, exercises, and tips to increase our son's communication skills. Moreover, she and our care coordinator have been extremely kind and patient, and they always make sure we understand what is happening in the process.

Infant Formula Recall

In February, the FDA recalled powdered infant formula produced in Sturgis, MI including Similac, Alimentum and EleCare. For more information about the recall please visit the FDA's webpage.

National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC)

April 2nd – 8th is the NAEYC Week of the Young Child (#WOYC22)! You can learn more about WOYC activities and resources by visiting their website here. Take a look at some of their events below:

  • Music Monday – April 4th
    Sing and dance with your child! When children listen to music, imitate fingerplays and rhymes and learn the words to song, they’re developing early literacy skills.
  • Tasty Tuesday – April 5th
    Cooking together with your child and involving them in meal preparation is a great way for them to learn early math skills with measuring cups and spoons, early science skills with mixing of ingredients, and have positive experiences with healthy foods.
  • Work Together Wednesday – April 6th
    Encourage your child to work together with you to build during their play. You can stack paper towel rolls, make a fort from couch cushions, or create a castle from leftover containers. Building helps children explore concepts of how things fit in space and early math skills through fun and hands-on play.
  • Artsy Thursday – April 7th
    Share art explorations with your children by painting rocks with water and brushes, drawing outside with chalk, coloring with crayons in a box, or encouraging your child to imitate as you make lines and circles on paper. As you and your child enjoy open-ended art explorations together, they’ll also be developing fine motor skills and their imagination!
  • Family Friday – April 8th
    Today is about celebrating family as a child’s first and most important teacher and advocate. Enjoy reading a book together as a family, taking a nature walk or playing peek-a-boo while waiting for dinner to cook.

NAEYC invites you to share pictures and stories of your Week of the Young Child Explorations on social media with the #WOYC22 hashtag. We would also love to see your family explorations during April’s Week of the Young Child. Next month, our newsletter will feature any pictures or stories from your #WOYC22 that you’d like to share. If you have a picture or story you want to share, please contact your care coordinator, or program office. We look forward to seeing your music, cooking, building, art and family fun!

Home and Community-Based Services

The renovations at our Ewa program site are finally complete, and we resumed services at our program on Monday, March 7! We thank the Napuakea program for sharing a room with us during our renovations, and we are very happy to be back home at Ewa.

On our opening day, our IT Department set up a participant computer workstation in Building 1 in addition to Building 2. Participants are using the computers to improve their typing and internet skills, as

well as to express their creativity. Nicole enjoys using the computer to create artwork (pictured below). We even got to use some of the excess renovation materials for craft projects, and are thrilled to see our participants enjoying the updated space!

Our program is currently welcoming new participants as well as new staff members. If you know someone looking for services, or employment opportunities with our HCBS program, please have them contact Alexa Fuller at [email protected]

Autism Services

Sometimes going through a new experience can be scary or cause anxiety. At ESH, we often use social stories to help our clients get prepared and more confident to try a new experience they’re uncomfortable with, like getting their COVID-19 vaccination.

A social story is a narrative made to illustrate certain situations, and the benefits include:

  • Helping to teach students routines, expectations and behavioral standards in an alternative way
  • Reinforcing correct behavior
  • Presenting information in a story format
  • Providing visual examples of behavior expectations
  • Providing a more personalized and tailored behavioral intervention

The below social story is an example of how to instruct and prepare an individual with autism for the particular situation of receiving a vaccination. You can even download and print this social story to use at home!

Image of a cartoon depicting a physician helping a child get a vaccine

Created by Sean Galmon,
ESH Autism Services RBT

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ESH Office Closures

All Easterseals Hawaii services will be closed on the following days:

  • Friday, March 25 — Prince Kuhio Day

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