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This March, we’re celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, recognizing all those within our community who have a developmental disability and their many accomplishments. Over the years, we’ve seen such positive growth in neurodiversity in the workplace, in schools and in the media, and we remain dedicated to supporting progress in this area! We’re also celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring the numerous achievements of women throughout history, and recognizing the important mark that women leave on our society. You can learn more about this year’s theme here! Take a look at what's new at Easterseals Northern California this month...

Autism Services

Since the start of the pandemic, ESNorCal’s primary treatment modality has been Parent-Led ABA services through telehealth. As the research in the ABA field continues to grow and support the effectiveness of this type of treatment, we plan to continue this telehealth-based treatment model for all families who qualify. That said, there may be some points during your child’s treatment where a hybrid model may be recommended. In a hybrid model, some sessions are delivered in-person, and the remainder are conducted through telehealth.

We sent out a short survey earlier this week to get your feedback on telehealth and hybrid delivery for ABA services if they were to be recommended by your treatment team. Your feedback is very helpful for us in providing person-centered care, so if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to take our survey. You can also reach out to your Care Team if you didn’t receive the email and would like to participate.

Many of you have also likely heard about our Parent–Led data app, which officially launched earlier this year! A big thank you to the caregivers and treatment teams who piloted this solution. We’re very excited to support our caregivers in transitioning from paper data sheets and handwritten notes to taking data directly in the encrypted myBrightlink app. This user-friendly solution will deliver data to your treatment team immediately, allowing for progress to be reviewed and updates to be made securely and in real-time! If you have questions or would like further support on using the Parent–Led data app, please reach out to your clinical team.

Did you know? You can jump right to a handy walkthrough for data collection by clicking the myBrightlink mascot in the lower right corner in the app!

Picture of the app myBrightlink walkthrough


Kaleidoscope has been very active in our local communities! We’ve begun to place our participants’ artwork in shops, restaurants and other locations we visit as a way to increase awareness of our services and show our gratitude for all the support we receive from the communities we serve. Currently we have our artwork in 3 different Starbucks locations, Hippies Brew (Hayward), Habit Burger and Fuddruckers (Dublin), Round 1 (Concord), Goodfellow Brothers Construction (Livermore), Plucked

(Livermore), and are looking for more areas to display our artwork and information. Next time you stop in for a visit at one of these locations above, see if you can spot the work of Kaleidoscope’s talented artists!

Kaleidoscope is welcoming new participants as well as new staff members. If you know someone looking for services, or employment opportunities at Kaleidoscope, please have them contact Zach Lupton at [email protected]

Picture of artwork on display at a local Starbucks coffee Picture of Richie, Chris and Joe displaying their artwork

Early Intervention (EI)

In honor of National Women’s History Month, our Early Intervention Program would like to highlight our new Internship Program with Mills College of Oakland—a private women’s liberal arts college. We’ve partnered with their Early Childhood Credentialing Department to be a placement option for their students to learn about our Infant Development Program. During this internship, students will learn about the relationship with local Regional Centers, and how our program not only focuses

on the clients, but also the families. Students will also learn about the assessment process, how to build goals that help our clients reach their developmental milestones, and how we support their transition to the School District. This has been an exciting idea that we have turned into a partnership with Mills College, and we’re thrilled to support the education of dedicated clinicians as they enter the field!

Did You Know?

A free dental event for children and adults with developmental disabilities is coming to Union City on Friday, April 29th! From 9am–2pm, your child can receive a free dental screening and cleaning, an oral health kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and more goodies. No insurance required, but it is first come – first served, so learn more and register early here!

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