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With 2022 underway, we find ourselves filled with hope for the future. After 2 years of difficult change and constant adjustment, our New Year’s resolution is to continue fostering hope through all our hard work together that continues to bring us better days. And, in reflecting on the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this week, we’re reminded of his powerful quote:

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year!

Autism Services

It’s an exciting time for our ABA program! Not only are we working on transitioning back to in-person services for our 3-tiered center-based sessions, but we’re also ramping up our Parent-Led & Parent Training Hybrid Model which combines in-person and telehealth sessions. More details will come as this new service line becomes available!

We’re also piloting a new program aimed at increasing our teenage clients’ wellbeing. The Smartwatch Phase One Pilot

focuses on reducing challenging behaviors caused by anxiety or agitation, increasing parental self-efficacy and decreasing stress. Pilot participants will receive a smartwatch that detects the onset of anxiety and agitation. Using an ‘early warning system’, the smartwatch sends an alert to parents' and caregivers' phones allowing them to intervene in time to avoid escalated behavior. There is no cost to participating, so please reach out to your Clinical Manager if you are interested in joining the pilot.

Being COVID Conscious: The CDC recently updated their guidelines for COVID-19 exposures and quarantine. Thanks to our adherence to the safety protocols in place, we are not seeing cases transmitted during service time. Our in-person staff will continue to follow our protocols for safety including wearing masks during sessions and completing health questionnaires and temperature checks. Clients and clinic visitors may also be asked to complete these screenings. We will continue to make program modifications to reduce risks, including using telehealth when possible.

If you ever need to reschedule a recurring session, please reach out to the scheduling department at [email protected] or 925-266-8600.


Kaleidoscope is shaking things up in time for the new year! Back in October, we divided our participants into two groups: the Adventure Group and the Explorer Group. On January 1st the participants in these groups switched and swapped places so they could interact with different peers and staff. Having two groups makes it a much better experience being out in the community and participating in activities, as many of the local facilities we visit require smaller groups for safety.

Being COVID Conscious: The program is also continuing to uphold safety and social distancing measures during these times. Wellness and temperature checks are being conducted throughout the day and staff are in constant communication with the participants to ensure that everyone is feeling well, masking correctly, and adhering to social distancing guidelines. As a reminder, to protect the health of the groups we ask that all participants are kept home if not feeling well.

Early Intervention (EI)

With a new year upon us, here’s what’s new for Early Intervention in 2022:

  • The Early Learning Centers in our Lakeport and Clearlake offices are launching an exciting new pilot program, called the Learning Play Pods, designed to support children’s social and emotional development through 1-hour sessions held in both English and Spanish. After 22 months of the ongoing pandemic, our goal is to provide a safe and inviting

place for young children and families of Lake County to socialize and play. Kids can enjoy singing songs, working on motor skills through play, and can practice sharing, handwashing and expressive language. Meanwhile, parents and caregivers have a judgment-free space to learn new techniques, make new friends and set up playdates. Are you in Lake County and interested in joining? Ask your Early Interventionist for more information.

  • We’re continuing to identify regions where we can expand our Early Intervention Program to provide Early Start support to clients and families who have been historically underserved. Reach out to your Early Interventionist with any questions or to recommend a region!

Being COVID Conscious: The EI Program continues to follow state and CDC guidelines as well as each county’s regulations regarding COVID, and will continue providing our hybrid model of care to our families while monitoring the safety of our staff and clients when it comes to in-person sessions. Telehealth has been a successful option for our families to provide parent coaching, support, activities and resources. Please feel welcome to share any questions or concerns with your Early Interventionist!

You can always reach out to [email protected] for more information on our EI services.

Did You Know?

The IRS has raised the amount that can be contributed to an ABLE account (also called CalABLE) from $15,000 to $16,000. This special savings account for people with disabilities allows them to save up to $100,000 without the risk of losing their Social Security or other government benefits, like Medicaid. Interest earned on these accounts are tax-free and can be used for housing, education, transportation or healthcare. People with disabilities that are employed can also save in an CalABLE account!

To be eligible for the accounts, individuals must have a disability that began before age 26. For more information click here.

ESNorCal Office Closures

All Easterseals Northern California services will be closed on the following days:

  • Monday, February 14 — All-staff development day
  • Monday, February 21 — Presidents Day

For general questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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