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We hope you’re enjoying the warmth of spring and looking forward to graduations, proms, new school years and summer vacations. This month’s newsletter is packed with sunshine-filled updates, school tips and more! Take a look at what’s new at Easterseals NorCal...

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Autism Services

We’re looking forward to launching some new features on our client companion app, myBrightlink, for families in the upcoming months. Caregivers will soon have the ability to contact and chat with their scheduling care team right in the app via secure messaging! Once this feature is launched, myBrightlink will be a one-stop shop for communicating with your entire care team.

Did you know? You can currently see your child’s upcoming schedule on myBrightlink with Zoom links. Keep an eye out for the calendar icon which allows you to link your appointments to your personal calendar. Caregivers can also access and see all their upcoming appointments in myBrightlink. Click the image to the right to get a handy booklet you can view and even print to make the most out of your myBrightlink experience.

Image of phone screen showing myBrightlink logo


Lately, Kaleidoscope has been focusing on our participants’ futures and continuing education. College can be the next scholastic step for our participants—learning about it and seeing what it’s like are great ways to get introduced to college life. Colleges are also a great place for current students to learn more about what we do at the Kaleidoscope program!

Recently, the group visited Las Positas College in Livermore. While there, we dropped off program flyers at

the Career Center so that students interested in behavioral healthcare can learn more about us or even and apply to work at our program. While our participants were on the campus, they were able to take a tour, learn what resources are available to them to support them in their educational journeys, and even check out the classrooms, library, and the resource center. Our participants also learned about the specialized counseling that individuals with developmental disabilities can receive through the college.

Know a college student who’d be interested in working at Kaleidoscope? Have them contact Zach Lupton at [email protected].

Early Intervention (EI)

With the school year coming to an end, summer is right around the corner! Below is a list of a few things to prepare for in the coming months:

  • If your child is turning 3 during the summer months, please contact your Regional Center Coordinator to be sure that the school district schedules any needed assessments prior to summer so your child is ready to begin preschool when the school year begins.
  • Look up what water safety classes are available in your area to prepare for warm weather, pool days, and time at the beach.
  • Summer Activities for Toddlers:
    • Ice Painting: Let the kids draw on the concrete with ice cubes.
    • Painting with Balls: Put paper in a shallow box, drop paint around the paper, put balls in the box and shake.
    • Painting with Cars: Drop paint on paper and use cars to make tracks on the paper.
    • Homemade Edible Playdough:
      • What you'll need:
        • Frosting of any flavor(s), powdered sugar
        • Put 1 cup of frosting in a bowl
        • Mix 2 cups of powdered sugar in with the frosting
        • Add in more powdered sugar until you reach your desired doughy texture
        • Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator, and let it come to room temperature before playing with it again
    • Frozen Yogurt Drops:
      • What you'll need:
        • Ziplock bag, yogurt, baking sheet, wax paper
        • Place the wax paper on the baking sheet
        • Put yogurt in a Ziplock and cut the tip
        • Squeeze drops of yogurt onto the wax paper
        • Freeze the yogurt drops for about 3-4 hours
        • Remove from wax paper and store in an airtight container in the freezer
        • Enjoy!

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ESNorCal Office Closures

All Easterseals Northern California services will be closed on the following days:

  • Monday, May 30 — Memorial Day
  • Monday, June 20 — Juneteenth

For general questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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